Clear and Understandable Math

Master A Skill In 3 Easy Steps

“TabletClass has been invaluable. My teacher makes difficult subjects easy to comprehend. Best of all, the course is extremely flexible. I am enrolled in college as well as high school, and Tablet Class is perfect because I can take the opportunity to finish my subjects whenever I have the free time. If it weren’t for this curriculum, I would definitely be overwhelmed, and that would be reflected in my grades.”

-Andrew K.

TabletClass was designed to make  learning comfortable for all students. When you engage with TabletClass you will be focused on mastering math one skill at a time. Here is an overview of our simple 3 step learning process.

Step 1-Watch A Comprehensive Lesson

First, you will watch a very detailed and comprehensive lesson on a specific topic. TabletClass lessons provide students with in-depth instruction that is easy to understand but covers the material in a highly comprehensive manner.  We know that for a student to really master a topic they need to start with a great foundation of understanding.

Step 2-Practice Problems That Build You Up

Next, you will begin the process of mastering a skill. You will work through a wide variety of problem sets that increase in difficulty. All problem solutions will be fully explained in precise detail so you feel confident about the problem solving process. As you progress through the problem sets you will be building up your knowledge, skill level and confidence.

Step 3-Review Your Understanding

Lastly, you will take a look at your progress and go over any weak areas that you need to improve. Once you're done mastering all the skills in a chapter, you can take advantage of additional printable resources we offer.

TabletClass Offers Even More

Once you're done mastering all of the skills in a chapter you can take advantage of additional printable resources we offer to include the following:

  • Complete chapter tests with answer keys – perfect to get an overall assessment and feedback
  • Detailed chapter notes – perfect to study and review for tests and quizzes
  • Worksheets – cover a wide variety of problems with full video solutions provided

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