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Do You Have an Effective Process for Your Homeschool Math Mid-Year Review?

homeschool math mid-year review

Our teacher, John Zimmerman, shares the importance of conducting a homeschool math mid-year review to assess students’ progress and areas needing improvement.

Key Areas for Review:

  • The review should focus on grades, course pacing, routines, curriculum effectiveness, academic habits, and preparation for the next course.
  • These elements are crucial for identifying strengths and weaknesses in the student’s math education.


Grades and Understanding:

  • Evaluating grades, especially on chapter or unit exams, is essential.
  • Any scores below 80% indicate areas that require additional review to ensure foundational concepts are understood, as math builds on itself.


Course Pacing and Adjustments:

  • Assessing whether the course is on schedule is vital.
  • Falling behind early in the course, which is generally easier, suggests the need for adjustments in study time or teaching methods to complete the course within the academic year.


Curriculum and Academic Habits:

  • The choice of curriculum should challenge the student appropriately, promoting rigorous learning without overwhelming them.
  • Good academic habits, including comprehensive note-taking and thorough problem-solving practices, are critical for success in math and other subjects.


If you’re unsure whether your child is moving at the right pace in their course, have them take our placement test for the course they’re in to assess their understanding.


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