Clear and Understandable Math

Great Teaching Generates Great Results

“Tablet Class has been a lifesaver for us this year! My girls, freshmen this year, struggled with Pre-Algebra using another curriculum last year. Under the guidance of John Zimmerman, because he called me and talked to me when I ordered, and always calls personally when you email a question, we started over with Pre-Algebra again. It wasn't long before we were caught up enough again to start with Algebra, and it is going great! My girls are on schedule to finish Algebra as if they were never behind. The curriculum is easy to follow and they are getting great, easy to follow, instruction. I am confident that Algebra II and Geometry will be attainable with homeschooling because of Tablet Class. This curriculum has been a blessing and an answer to prayer. Thanks so much!” - Sandy

Study after study shows that extensive Instruction from a highly qualified, talented and experienced math teacher is the most important factor for student success.

TabletClass was designed to give students the ability to spend as much time as they need to engage with great math instruction. With TabletClass students can access in-depth high quality video instruction that is designed to build core math skills. Our passion is simple: provide students the ability to access great and effective math instruction so they can master math skills rather than just “go over” topics. Our courses provide students well over 100+ hrs. of rich math instruction designed to deliver a great math education that’s on par with the best classrooms anywhere.

TabletClass Offers Students A Powerful Learning Experience

Concepts are taught in language that makes sense to even the weakest of math students.

Full length and comprehensive lessons — we don’t give students brief overviews; we take the time to really explain and get into each concept in detail to ensure all students feel confident that they are truly learning and understanding.

Instruction points out how to avoid common errors and instill good math habits.

Sequential and challenging — we get students to master the “hard stuff” after building up basic skills.

Easy to retain — our lessons stimulate and connect to multiple learning styles. As a result students find the material easier to follow and remember.

Practice problems are fully explained — we walk students through the exact process to solve problems explaining how to reach solutions step-by-step.

Skill and Knowledge Step By Step

We fully explain how problems are solved rather than just present a “simple” answer.

TabletClass is designed to show students how to solve a wide variety of problems. However, the best part about our practice problems is we FULLY explain all solutions by demonstrating and walking students through the exact step-by-step process used to reach solutions. One of the main reason TabletClass members love our program is because we give them a real sense of understanding of how to solve a problem. We offer so much more than a simple answer or quick overview of one or two problems per topic.

Skill Development

We group practice problems to align with specific skills. Our problems are grouped in “example sets” and are designed to build up a student’s level of understanding- one skill at a time.

The diagram below shows the progression of learning as described by Blooms Taxonomy (a well-known educational model). TabletClass follows this same learning model. First, students learn basic knowledge to comprehend a concept. Next, students apply what they learned and practice analyzing results. Lastly, students work on mastering skills though synthesis and evaluating all aspects of a concept in a larger context.

TabletClass courses are organized in chapters and sections. Each section starts with a lesson followed by a set of practice problems. The first practice problems group is “Example Set A” which generally focuses on basic knowledge. Subsequent example sets intensify to develop critical thinking as described in Bloom Taxonomy.

Blooms Taxonomy- Building Up Students Into Critical Thinkers

Learning Styles

Our instruction is perfect for all learning styles and needs.

TabletClass was specifically designed to make learning math intuitive and enjoyable. Our course format and software provide students the freedom and flexibility to learn the way they like. Students of all learning styles will enjoy using TabletClass because they have complete control over the style and pace of instruction. Moreover, TabletClass has been proven to be a great independent learning resource for students with special needs as our system can be easily modified and supplemented.

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