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“TabletClass has changed my son's view of Math! We homeschool and use a DVD based curriculum. While we love it, the math is very visual. My son passed Algebra with an A, but couldn't work problems in real world situations. It never sunk in. Then, I found TabletClass! He completed the Algebra course as a "refresher" over the summer and into the next school year. He was so excited...about Math! He would tell me the instructor really explained things in a way he could understand. It seems he needs both the audio and visual for learning math (and presented in a way I couldn't teach him). He is currently completing Geometry, and doing well. He even helped his brother with Algebra 2. No more frustration! Thank you, TabletClass!! I definitely recommend TabletClass to others who struggle. It has made the difference in our home.”

-Denise C.

It’s critical for math students to know what specific skills trouble them so they can go back and improve. With TabletClass we make tracking and managing skills easy!

Improve With A Click Of A Mouse

Track Your Comprehension of Lessons Watched
With our Video Self-Assessment tool you can input your level of understanding for every video watched. Because each one our videos correlates to specific skill set this input is extremely valuable. Our tracking tools use this data to give you reports that show your exact strengths and weaknesses per skill.


Know Your Specific Strengths and Weaknesses
The TabletClass “My Pulse” tool allows students to see a list of all the videos they watched—organized and listed by the level of comprehension. The pulse feature gives students a tremendous advantage by saving time in identifying areas for improvement.

See Your Overall Course Progress
See various progress reports (charts and graphs) to get a quick update on overall course performance and progress.


Quickly Find What You Want To Learn

TabletClass courses are organized to make learning easy and intuitive. Students don’t need to struggle and spend extra time to figure out how to get to the topic they want to learn because our system is logical and familiar. All of our courses are designed in a simple chapter and section format that has the same feel as most textbooks.

Easy View of Topics...Point-Click-Learn

Our course navigator was designed to give students a clear view of all chapters and sections making independent study comfortable and easy for all students to manage. Average progress on chapter and sections is always visual in our course navigator, giving you a constant sense of direction.

Let Our Software Keep You Organized And On Track

Just log in and start learning where you left off.

Easy to switch from learning platform to software reports.

All notes, test/answer keys and worksheets are stored and organized online.

Multiple performance indicators make tracking your progress easy and stored online.

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