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We Make Homeshooling Math Enjoyable & Effective

“Our family has been using TabletClass for three years and plan on finishing up our homeschool math using this program. Our son completed Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2. Now our daughters are starting it. The concepts are taught in easy to understand bits. TabletClass is suited to students with a wide range of math abilities. The format is simple, clear and understandable. TabletClass tutorials make using the program comprehensible for even the most non computer savvy student or mom. Mr. Zimmerman uses an engaging style of teaching, making math less intimidating to non-math students, while gifted students are not bored. The students can set their own pace. The classes are available on a wide range of platforms. The program is very economical for any size family.”  -Sarah

Homeschooling is a major challenge and responsibility. However, with TabletClass you can reduce many of the common pressures that homeschooling can bring.

Your Child Will Enjoy Learning Math

Students find our instruction easy to listen to and understand- not boring or “textbook like”

Students can use the system independently and control the pace of instruction in a way that suits their learning style- ideal for advance or special needs children

Students use both technology and traditional materials to learn- excellent for retention and engagement

Students gain confidence and have a sense of achievement by completing our comprehensive courses

Parents Will Save Time And Energy

No need to spend extra hours preparing lessons or figuring out what your child does next; TabletClass courses are self-contained and easy for your child to use on their own

Our software will quickly tell you how well your child is progressing

Create a flexible learning schedule so you can control when, where and how to use TabletClass

You can easily modify your membership by adding more time or courses for your child

Most Importantly Your Child Will Learn From An Expert

Concepts in middle and high school math can be quite sophisticated and complex. At this level of mathematics you want an experienced teacher with a degree in math and complete command of the subject to teach your child what textbooks cannot.

Your child’s teacher will be John Zimmerman a proven master teacher that has helped countless students reach their goal of getting into top colleges and universities. John’s teaching style is clear and engaging as he strives to make math enjoyable and interesting. Moreover, John brings a lifetime of experience to his instruction as he used his mathematics training in business and engineering.

Last but not least, John is a parent himself and is committed to making TabletClass a powerful and wonderful learning experience for your child.

We Give You All The Materials You Need For A Full Course

Materials Included With Every Membership:

1. Section Worksheets:

Full set of worksheets per section topic; each section includes a corresponding full lesson video and practice problems with full video solutions.

2. Chapter Notes:

3. Chapter Tests:

All documents can be:

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